We Are All A Quotation From Our Ancestors

The Irish diaspora refers to Irish people and their descendants who live outside Ireland.

The phenomenon of migration from Ireland is recorded since early medieval times, but it is only possible to quantify it from around 1700./p>

Since then between 9 and 10 million people born in Ireland have emigrated. This is more than the population of Ireland at its historical peak in the 1840s of 8.5 million.

The poorest of them went to Great Britain, those who could afford it went further, including almost 5 million to the United States.

After 1840, emigration from Ireland became a massive, relentless, and efficiently managed national enterprise.

In 1890 40% of Irish-born people were living abroad. By the 21st century, an estimated 80 million people worldwide claimed some Irish descent, which includes more than 36 million Americans who claim Irish as their primary ethnicity.

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