is an independent genealogy service that allows you to access the research skills of our team of professional genealogists to research Irish Birth, Death and Marriage Records to build your family tree from Ireland’s State Civil Records which date back to 1864 and Irish Church Records.

Unlike many genealogy sites our service does not require any type of registration/subscription with our site.

We also specialise in Deed Poll Services, allowing you to apply online for legally binding Deed Polls for formal official Change of Name. You can also apply online from this site for certified copies for Divorce Certificates/Final Divorce Decrees.

UK BREXIT APPLICANTS: Searching for Irish Ancestors to apply for Irish Citzenship/Passport? Start your search here with basic information.

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Your Ancestors Are Rooting for You - Eleanor Brownn

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What Irish Records are available to purchase?

Irish Birth Records, Irish Death Records and Irish Roman Catholic Marriage Records dating as …

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How do I order an Irish Records?

Select the relevant button and fill in the required fields on the application form. When you have entered all the…

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How do I obtain an Irish Death Records?

To obtain an Irish Death Records for a loved one click on the Death Records button…

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How much does it cost?

The charge will depend on the type of Irish Records ordered and the postal method used …